Sunday, July 29, 2018

#NEWRELEASE #KU #Secrets3 #PNR Secrets: Life At Last (Secrets #3) by Author T.M. Payne

Secrets: Life At Last (Secrets #3)
by Author T.M. Payne

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This is book three in the Secrets Series.
Everything is falling into place, the building is on schedule to open, and helping those in need, lives are rebuilding. Then why does it feel as if the other shoe is about to fall?
Trouble is brewing, Salem can feel it in his bones. The mating ceremony is just around the corner, and things should be perfect, but something isn't right, someone has Bella in their sights.
Jinx and Enzo are finding happiness until someone tries to bring it all falling down around them.

Will these four finally find happiness?
Will they get their happily ever after?
Dreams are within reach
Lives once broken are mending
Hearts are soaring high
Many lives will be changed…

This story contains  M/M and M/F love scenes.
Graphic descriptions,
sexual situations and strong language.
18+ advised

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

#NEWRELEASE #KU Secrets: The Beginning (Secrets Book Two) by T.M. Payne

Secrets: The Beginning (Secrets Book Two)
by T.M. Payne

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Four lives showing acceptance
A small town forever connected

Secrets can heal many lives…

Salem, Bella, Jinx, and Enzo prepare to rebuild their lives after bullying almost cost them their lives literally... It will take love and patience to make it happen, but Salem is determined he can do this for his family, his mate and his best friend. 
What they all need is a new focus, something to help them all heal. 
Helping others is a great way to start.

For Mature Audiences...
This story does end with a cliffhanger...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#NEWRELEASE #KU #99pennies Secrets (a short story) by T.M. Payne @BookNookNuts

#NEWRELEASE #KU #99pennies
Secrets (a short story) by T.M. Payne

Four young friends, four fated mates.
One secret that could separate them forever.
Battling the demons of society and acceptance, 
can one of them handle the secrets that have been kept?
Or will it be too much to bear?
Some things are better left unsaid...

Teen - young adult short story.
No sex, some naughty language.